Aspect Education David Jones
Chairman & CEO
London, England

"Jones Equity Partners orchestrated the acquisition of Aspect Education, a global business operating in 50 countries, in double-quick time. Having identified the investment opportunity, their decisiveness and creativity insured that the transaction was completed to the satisfaction of investors and management alike.

They are shrewd in analysis, tough in negotiation, refreshingly direct in the execution of a deal. They also manage to forge strong bonds with management in their role as corporate directors.

Their house style generates confidence. Their integrity is unquestionable.

You want them on your side. "

Kinko'sPaul Orfalea
Santa Barbara, CA

"I've invested in private companies countless times, and have worked with Jones Equity Partners for several years as an investor in their portfolio companies. They have demonstrated an impressive understanding of the elements necessary in creating value as well as an undeniable commitment to their partners."

CIO Solutions, Inc.
John Petote

"Having made over a dozen private equity investments, my experience with Jones Equity Partners was by far the most professional and financially successful of my investment career. Bottom line, the results they produced were highly impressive while the quality of service provided was second to none."

Commission Junction
Per Pettersen
Chief Technology Officer/Founder

"Jones Equity Partners has a great reputation for integrity and impressive performance. I have personally had many positive engagements with them over the years, and I have found the level of service and quality of advice and execution to be outstanding. I highly recommend anyone interested in private equity to seriously consider Jones Equity Partners as their provider."

Aries Manufacturing, Inc.
Tom Novak

"Jones Equity Partners is more than an Equity Group. They have experience and a proven track record. Information is everywhere. Knowing how to interpret it in the context of your business is what sets them apart.

It’s all about relationships with Jones Equity Partners. I found they had strategic know-how and strived to gain an intimate understanding of business and market challenges.

Jones Equity Partners pushes the envelope. New economies and new technologies require new thinking. They provided new opportunities for myself and my family."

Transoft Networks
Core Wealth Management
Michael Klein
Former CEO

"Jones Equity Partners was instrumental in organizing and financing a founder liquidity transaction for Transoft Networks, prior to its acquisition by HP in 1999. They were able to see and capitalize on value to the benefit of their investors and the founder. It is rare to find timely execution, insight and professionalism in the area of founder liquidity transactions. Jones Equity Partners delivered."
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